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Out of the Social Media Shadows

A university's reputation comes under attack on social media as it cuts back on staff.

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The Problem

Market pressures were affecting one private university’s ability to contain tuition increases, and rising administrative expenses were forcing it to make extremely challenging staffing decisions. Local and online news outlets extensively reported on the university’s difficult decisions, generating waves of negative PR.

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The Solution

Our Threat + Violence Risk Management team comprehensively investigated and analyzed the user in question to determine their identity and to find other influencers in the user’s network. To find out more about the user’s life and determine if he might pose a threat to the university or the president, we reviewed his public social media profiles, as well as those of his associates. We also researched his address history and professional background.

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The Results

We determined that despite the user’s many followers, the individual had minimal influence. We also identified the user, including his name, location, address and professional history. We found several of his other social media profiles, including on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. The university president asked us to continue our research to determine if the user has a criminal history or a record of civil litigation.

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