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One Policy, One Place

A Fortune 100 brand leader standardizes its security policies worldwide. We help clients understand where, how and why other organizations have resolved similar challenges in policy standardization.

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The Problem

The global powerhouse’s many corporate divisions — organized by product, geography or the structure of companies when they were acquired — had dozens of security-related policy masters, manuals and executive memos in a dizzying array of formats.

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The Solution

Working closely with the client’s security team, we helped (1) draft an initial table of contents organized by security domain for a new and company-wide policy manual, (2) identify existing source documents and (3) prescriptively map this content to the emerging framework.

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The Results

In months, this company’s handful of business divisions, scores of managers and thousands of employees will be able to visit one site on the company’s intranet. There, depending on their access privileges, they’ll be able to view, learn, comment on and contribute to a common set of global security policies.

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