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Case Study

As one of the most recognized national monuments, the Statue of Liberty draws more than four million visitors from around the world every year. Situated in Upper New York Bay and accessible to visitors only by ferry, this iconic structure has been maintained by the National Park Service (NPS) since 1933.
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The Problem

As the monument ages, the NPS must ensure that the Statue of Liberty remains fire and life safety code compliant to protect its visitors. The NPS needed specific guidance on how to satisfy code compliance and minimize life safety risks, while also protecting its famous neoclassical architecture.

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The Solution

We performed a building and fire code consulting analysis for the structure, identifying noncompliance issues. We then performed a risk assessment, and leveraged our advanced fire modeling tools to demonstrate the extent of smoke spread and egress performance in the event of fire. We used a fire risk ranking approach to evaluate the frequency and impact.

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The Results

NPS was able to resolve their code deficiencies and understand their potential risk in an emergency event. NPS fulfilled our recommendations of structural improvements, passive fire protection, smoke control and alarm/notification enhancements to help keep all visitors and staff safe.

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