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Jul 12, 2022

“Better now than later,” began the industrial manufacturer’s Chief Executive Officer. Conversation in the boardroom ceased. “It’s about time we take a much more strategic tack on these security expenditures.”

Heads nodded around the table. Over the last year, the board’s agenda had been sidelined by a series of security and investigative crises. And the costs associated with urgent responses and a flurry of point solutions were mounting.

“Do we really know our greatest risks?” challenged the CEO. “And exactly how we should be aligning our growing security expenditures with these risks as well as our business objectives?”

For years, the NYSE-traded entity had been addressing security in a reactive manner. As a global manufacturer, it had been relying on a long-standing, factory-centric approach to security. With an intensive focus on OSHA driven compliance requirements in the U.S. and factory floor safety protocols worldwide, the company found itself ill-prepared to deal with a wave of incidents that began in the year prior.

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