Threat + Violence Risk Management

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Jul 12, 2022

Identify, assess and manage threats to improve workplace security + prevent acts of targeted violence

As an employer, you have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to respond
and intervene when the reported actions of an individual or group threaten
your workplace. Your internal teams — HR, Security or formal threat assessment
teams — do so to the best of their ability. But sometimes uncertainty or
heightened concern create an urgent need for outside support from
qualified threat assessment professionals.

How we help our clients

We help you adopt an accelerated and more robust approach to strategic threat and violence risk management, a stronger focus on prevention and improved security outcomes overall. With this insight, you capture:

+ Greater agility and adaptability in reacting quickly, in real-time, to many kinds of events
+ Advanced internal ability to assess behavioral risks and execute proper interventions based on threat case facts and findings
+ Enhanced ability to ensure consistency, compliance and collaboration in swiftly addressing disruptive, harmful or potentially violent behaviors

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