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Unusual Direction of Interest

Applying experience and best practices in managing a stalking incident.

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The Problem

An anonymous caller tipped off the company that one of its receptionists was slandering the management team online. The company quickly prepared to take action, but they learned that the receptionist was not at fault. Instead, an acquaintance, who had been stalking her for more than a year, was responsible for the posts. Company leadership informed law enforcement, who filed incident reports, but progress stalled so they turned to our team for assistance.

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The Solution

Our protective intelligence experts, behavioral threat assessment specialists and executives who are retired law enforcement professionals collaborated with the receptionist, the company’s security and legal departments. We also sought help from mental health professionals to support the receptionist. Together, we crafted potential responses and took action. Every case is different, so we must tailor our response accordingly. In doing so, we consider varying factors, such as the urgency of the circumstances, the case history, the information known about the stalker, and how open the victim is to protection, intervention, prosecution and more. We first obtained a photo of the subject and distributed to employees and staff. We then conducted an investigation of the alleged stalker to analyze the danger he posed to the victim, and we provided recommendations for the company and the victim. Next, we contacted colleagues who were former employees of a major federal agency so they could help us determine law enforcement contacts and assemble a multi-jurisdictional team to respond to the incident.

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The Results

The actions the company took — and that we put into play — assured the victim and her family that her safety was markedly improved and the issue will be resolved.

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