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A global automaker gears up on workplace violence preparedness.

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The Problem

The leaders of a global automotive manufacturer were concerned about workplace violence, particularly at their U.S. locations. “We put our people first,” explained the Director of Global Security. “But we are also concerned about the secondary impacts, like the operational continuity, morale and our brand reputation.” As media reports of workplace violence incidents in similar organizations surged, this automaker reached out to us for help.

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The Solution

Our experts met with the carmaker’s Chief Security Officer to discuss a turnkey solution for anticipating, preventing and responding to workplace violence. The team identified the key managers across IT, Human Resources, Communications, Legal and Facilities Management — people whose engagement would be essential for anticipating, defusing and responding to incidents of workplace violence across the company’s global operations. We recommended three steps for planning and implementing a workplace violence prevention program: (1) conduct a workplace violence needs assessment; (2) develop policies and procedures to incorporate in existing company handbooks; and (3) train employees on workplace violence prevention.

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The Results

The Director of Global Security was pleased with the strategy. He asked us to make a presentation to the board of directors on how to address workplace violence prevention in the U.S. We then began the needs assessment with a focus on capabilities, such as policies and guidelines, resources and reporting, and investigative and assessment processes. The company also asked us to customize violence prevention program policies and guidelines. We then provided employees with educational materials and trainings on how to identify and respond to inappropriate behaviors or incidents of concern.

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