Workplace Violence Program Development

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Apr 17, 2023

Our team conducted a physical and technical security assessment for a human resources services firm.

Human Resources plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of work environments and are at the center of an organization's core team when a threat is made against an executive or an employee. For these reasons, the firm wanted to establish a best in class workplace violence prevention program.

Our team conducted a physical and technical security assessment of the firm’s headquarters, while another completed a thorough gap analysis and needs assessment of the firm’s resources and capabilities either in place or required to support a workplace violence program and delivered 25 training sessions for several thousand team members.

In effect, the entire workforce now represents a force multiplier for the company’s security team and internal experts: thousands of informed individuals working together collectively to create and sustain a safe more secure workplace.

Overwhelmed? We’re Here to Help.

Understanding the gaps in your organization’s physical and technical security is a critical first step in prevention-focused security risk management. As part of our comprehensive security assessment service, our team of experts analyzes the risks, threats and vulnerabilities that confront organizations and challenge core security programs. We help organizations improve security and safety, capture program efficiencies, and develop successful strategies for managing risk while controlling operational costs. Learn more about our security risk management services here.

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