Sample University Preliminary Report

View our Sample University Preliminary Report.

Between monitoring multiple facilities, massive open spaces, large assembly points and the need to keep movement fluid for students and staff, we understand how overwhelming managing your campus’ safety can be. We also know how these considerations can make your campus particularly vulnerable to security threats.

We have worked with colleges and universities to provide fire, security and life safety services for over 30 years and know the challenges of campus safety. In addition to our consulting services, we can also help you prepare for and source security funding opportunities available to many higher education institutions. If you’ve already been awarded funding, we can help you navigate the course toward developing and implementing a comprehensive campus safety and security plan.

Download this sample preliminary report of an assessment that was conducted by JENSEN HUGHES with the intent to develop a report of observations and recommendations related to the physical and technical security posture for the entirety of a 4 million square foot urban university campus. The findings are based on industry best practices, fire and life safety codes and applicable safety and security guidelines for similar facilities.

Topics: Education, Security Consulting