Provide the best fire protection for your guests.

JENSEN HUGHES provides fire protection engineering and code consulting for hospitality and entertainment venues to meet aesthetic, functional, safety, and cost-effectiveness goals.

The hospitality and entertainment sectors are converging at a rapid pace as people desire venues that can provide multiple activities. These venues often have mixed uses including the main entertainment venue (such as casino or theme park), supporting entertainment venues (shows or rides), along with restaurants, clubs, bars, lounges, shopping, retail, and lodging with its related uses – guestrooms and suites, pools, spas, exercise, and both indoor and outdoor recreation. All of these facilities require back of house areas to support the guests and employees, as well as other buildings such as parking garages and central utility plants.

JENSEN HUGHES’ experience with navigating the fire, life safety, and accessibility challenges inherent in hospitality and entertainment venues is the key to getting projects completed on time and on budget, and to providing an appropriate level of safety for years to come.