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On the surface, hotels appear to be straightforward from a fire and life safety perspective; however, the designs and renovations of hotels and other lodging facilities are getting more sophisticated as these facilities are integrated with larger complexes containing retail, entertainment and recreation components. In addition to mixed-use design challenges, hotels and other places of lodging pose unique hazards due to the fact that guests will be sleeping and could be unaware of fire conditions, or could be unfamiliar with the egress routes available during an emergency.

Smoke Control

One of the most prominent concerns with hotels is smoke movement. The spread of smoke within a hotel can be deadly. Although the codes provide minimum requirements to address this hazard in all hotels, JENSEN HUGHES can look beyond the minimum requirements to find the right solutions based on your individual hotel.

In addition to JENSEN HUGHES wide array of services, we can specifically evaluate smoke movement through the building to guide the design team in identifying conflicts amongst various building systems such as those for environmental supply and exhaust, stairway pressurization, elevator hoistway pressurization, atrium smoke control, and the building construction (corridor walls, shafts, guestroom demising walls).

Design Flexibility

The exterior appearance of hotels is a key feature for which architects and owners seek distinction and recognition. The exterior façade should communicate to the public what level of service and amenities are inside. The design and construction of exterior walls is a critical part of the project. The building codes are rapidly developing due to advances in materials and techniques such as with metal composite panels, phenolic wood panels, and glazed curtain walls. In particular, the ability of an exterior wall assembly to limit fire spread between stories and exposure to other structures has come under focus by the codes. JENSEN HUGHES is at the forefront of code development and consulting for exterior wall code compliance. For this highly specialized field, JENSEN HUGHES can evaluate alternative designs, assist the project team in selecting materials to improve fire safety, prepare engineering judgments, and conduct on-site walkthroughs.

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