Providing PBD solutions for microelectronics, semiconductor, clean room and flat panel manufacturing facilities

Sectors_Section - MicroelectronicsJENSEN HUGHES has deep experience with the microelectronics industry and has been providing project services since 1990.  Our involvement has touched the majority of major facilities designed and constructed over the past 20+ years with a project/client list that includes: Intel, AMD, Micron Technologies, Global Foundries, TSMC, UMC, Samsung, Alta Devices, RF Micro Devices, Hewlett Packard, Seagate, IBM, IDC, CH2M Hill, M+W.

Our involvement in research facilities is also unmatched, including clean room projects for MIT, UMass, Harvard, USC, University of Minnesota, and Northwestern University.

Our body of work in the microelectronics industry has focused on variances, alternate means and methods, and hazard analyses that support value engineering of flexibility required projects. A sampling of project topics follow:

  • Omission of passive fire protection (e.g. fireproofing) from cleanroom steel
  • Water spray in lieu of passive fire protection
  • H2/H3/H4 occupancy variances involving flammable liquids, pyrophoric materials, and flammable gases
  • Silane gas management systems
  • Sprinkler exclusion for sprinklers under raised floors
  • Process hazard analyses

These projects have focused on fabrication facilities, research and development and production facilities.

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