Risks Involving Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Facilities

The consequences of unexpected releases of toxic, reactive, or flammable liquids and gases in processes common to the petrochemical, oil, and gas industry is of utmost concern for facility managers. Facilities and infrastructures that involve the exploration, drilling, transportation, processing, and storage of petrochemicals, oil, gas and other highly hazardous chemicals must effectively manage the risks involving the accidental release of toxic chemicals because, if not properly controlled, the possibility of a disaster increases substantially.

Helping Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Facilities Manage Risk

JENSEN HUGHES has supported many facets of the petrochemical, oil, and gas industry and has considerable project experience, ranging from research to assessing risks for multi-location, multi-product facilities. Our expert consultants provide unbiased assessments of our clients’ fire protection, process safety, and other risk identification and mitigation needs. We do not draw pre-conceived conclusions. We analyze our Client’s needs, develop a set of recommendations, and assist them in obtaining, designing, and testing the optimal solution for their unique situation.


JENSEN HUGHES’ refinery experience includes project design, fire protection system analysis, process safety management program implementation, process hazards analysis, audits, training, and technical support to refinery staff. Our projects have involved nearly every type of refinery process unit.

Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

Picture_Section1 - Power and Energy_PetrochemicalOur engineers have provided fire protection and process safety support to a number of basic and specialty chemical plants. This has included developing and implementing process safety programs, conducting process hazard analysis, audits, and training. JENSEN HUGHES coauthored a textbook for the Center for Chemical Process Safety called Guideline for Fire Protection for Chemical Processing Facilities, aimed at providing general fire protection guidance for the petrochemical industry.

Terminals & Tank FarmsPicture_Section1 - Power & Energy_Petrochemical

JENSEN HUGHES has conducted many projects involving pipeline, tank farm, terminal, and loading and unloading operations. These projects range from evaluating facility siting, conducting fire consequence analysis, compliance reviews to industry and regulatory codes, and new facility design projects.

Exploration & Production Facilities

Our personnel work on many projects at exploration and production facilities, both onshore and offshore. We conduct audits of existing facilities, work on the design of fire water and fire protection systems for new platforms, perform failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) of conceptual sub-sea production systems, as well as provide ongoing loss prevention technical support to operating facilities.

Gas Plants

Picture_Section2 - Power & Energy_PetrochemicalAlong with our extensive facility expertise, JENSEN HUGHES personnel have conducted numerous projects at gas plants. These gas plants have included gas-oil separation facilities, both onshore and offshore. Projects have also been conducted for numerous liquefied natural gas plants and compressed natural gas plants. Our projects have included ongoing fire protection support during plant construction or expansions, conducting fire system evaluations, conducting fire radiation calculations in support of a facility siting, and conducting process hazard analysis.

Hazardous Chemical Warehouses

Picture_Section3 - Power & Energy_PetrochemicalJENSEN HUGHES has conducted evaluations of hazardous chemicals to identify compliance with local and national codes and standards. Where needed, JENSEN HUGHES’ engineers can conduct research or fire tests to define the appropriate level of protection. We have developed software to facilitate categorization of hazardous chemicals to determine whether storage areas exceed fire code excess-quantity limits. If quantities suggest that the occupancy should comply with “H” occupancy criteria, JENSEN HUGHES can offer suggestions for establishing additional control areas, or can provide fire protection and gas or fire detection systems design. Building requirements, such as fire resistive construction, venting, drainage, electrical area classification and explosion relief specification, and permits can be obtained.

Service Offerings

JENSEN HUGHES provides hazard analysis and fire protection engineering for chemical and petrochemical facilities such as plants, refineries, terminals, tank farms and warehouse. Our specialty services for this sector include:

Process & Technical Safety

  • PSM Audits
  • Facility Siting Assessments
  • Quantitative Risk Assessments
  • Combustible Dust Testing, Analysis and Consulting
  • Disaster & Evacuation Planning
  • Flare Studies
  • Hazardous Area Classification


  • System Design and Master Planning
  • Workplace Violence Assessment and Training
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Industrial Terrorism Assessments

Industrial Fire Protection

  • Fire Protection and Alarm System Design
  • Facility Master Planning
  • Fire and Gas Detection Design
  • Underground Fire Water Modeling
  • Existing Fire Alarm / Emergency Voice Alarm Communication System Audits
  • Pre-Fire Planning
  • Fire Response/Fire Scenario Planning and Evaluation

Structural, Seismic & Vibration

  • Structural Blast Overpressure Analysis
  • Vibration Analysis, Testing & Monitoring
  • Equipment Qualification, Stress Analysis, Seismic Qualification
  • Equipment Reliability Analysis
  • Structural Fire Proofing Evaluations
  • Electrical Protective Device Coordination
  • Arc Flash Assessment and Calculations
  • High Energy Line Break Assessments
  • Corrosion Evaluations

Construction Services

  • Construction Management
  • Bid Support Services
  • Commissioning of Fire Protection, Life Safety, and Security Systems
  • Third Party Review
  • Environmental
  • EPA RMP Audits
  • Emissions Dispersion Assessments
  • Impact Assessments
  • Permitting Assistance
  • Pollutant and Meteorological Monitoring


Investigation & Forensics

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
  • Fire and Explosion Investigations
  • Forensic Investigation and Accident Reconstruction
  • Process Failure Analysis
  • Specialty Laboratory Fire Testing, Analysis & Consulting

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