Mission or Business Continuity Critical and Technically Challenging

JENSEN HUGHES has extensive experience providing fire protection engineering and Life Safety Code consulting services for the design and renovation of telecommunications and data centers, including secure and/or mission essential facilities for the Department of Defense, U.S. Government entities and private sector clients.  JENSEN HUGHES’ designs optimize life safety and provide equipment protection, including but not limited to:

  • Fire alarm systems using fiber optics and other means to maintain facility security integrity
  • Gaseous and pre-action fire suppression systems
  • Fire/smoke detection systems employed in various ways to provide optimum asset protection
  • “White noise” systems for security integrity protection

Computer Modeling

In addition, JENSEN HUGHES uses sophisticated computer modeling techniques for specialized spaces like data centers and server rooms to evaluate the effects of the layout and heat load of equipment and the effects of quantity and type of ventilation in the space on the design of fire protection systems, such as spot or aspiration smoke detection.

Code-Compliant and Security-Sensitive

All work is performed in compliance with applicable UFC and NFPA Codes, including NFPA 75 “Standard for the Protection of Information Technology Equipment” and NFPA 76 “Standard for the Fire Protection of Telecommunications Facilities.”  While much of JENSEN HUGHES’ work for government facilities must remain undisclosed, including extensive work for the intelligence community in Northern Virginia, similar work has been performed for the U.S. Pentagon, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency, and computer facilities for DOE’s Los Alamos National Laboratory, which has one of the largest super computer complexes in the world.

Innovative Solutions

JENSEN HUGHES also has the expertise to perform detailed risk assessment and hazard evaluation beyond conventional codes and standards.  We work with clients to develop coordinated, functional and cohesive fire protection system designs to meet the routine and unique challenges encountered in various buildings and facilities. JENSEN HUGHES has developed creative fire alarm system design solutions for museums, data centers, manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, cultural buildings, aircraft hangars, industrial facilities, office buildings, healthcare facilities, residential facilities and other locations. Solutions can be developed to meet the historic, architectural, aesthetic and/or functional needs of your unique facility.

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