Fire Protection is a Critical Part of Ship Design and Operations

Since our inception in 1980, JENSEN HUGHES has actively supported marine fire protection needs.  We provide fire protection design, research, and development services for military and commercial marine clients.  We have extensive experience in fire suppression, material flammability, structural fire resistance, firefighting and firefighter training, and fire hazard and risk assessment for marine applications.

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Our deep understanding of marine fire protection technologies, fire protection requirements, and the unique challenges of marine fire protection enables us to provide you with the best, compliant solutions for your needs. For novel ship designs where prescriptive SOLAS regulations are a challenge, we stand ready to provide performance based design solutions.



Research and Development

We continue to conduct research and development in all areas of marine fire protection including water mist, gaseous, AFFF and aerosol fire suppression, fire detection (spot and video-based), smoke management, material flammability (e.g. cables, interior finish, furnishings), fire resistance (steel, aluminum, composites), firefighting and damage control doctrine, training, firefighting equipment and protective equipment, and fire model development and use.  Our personnel developed the Fire and Smoke Simulator (FSSIM) for predicting fire spread through a ship.

National and International Influence

JENSEN HUGHES staff members have been advisors to the U.S. Delegation of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) subcommittee on Fire Protection since the early 90s, making major contributions to the development of standards for shipboard fire protection. In addition, JENSEN HUGHES’ corporate experience includes fire safety research, hazard analysis, modeling, and testing conducted for the U.S. Coast Guard to aid in the development of these IMO standards.  JENSEN HUGHES staff are also on the committee for NFPA 307, the standard for construction and fire protection of marine terminals, piers, and wharves.  In 2003, JENSEN HUGHES personnel were awarded one of the prestigious Royal Institution of Naval Architects Lloyd’s Register Safer Ship Awards. Our pioneering research into water mist and gaseous fire protection technologies lead directly to current IMO test methods and SOLAS regulations.

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JENSEN HUGHES engineers understand the unique characteristics of marine vessel construction and marine fire protection systems, and are uniquely qualified to provide forensic and scientific support in cases involving fire on marine vessels.  Our experience includes numerous fire investigations (origin and cause) for private vessels ranging from 20 meter cruisers and sailboats up to 60 meter luxury yachts. We have also assisted the US Coast Guard in investigating fires on cruise ships and have investigated fires in ship/boat yards including high rack storage of pleasure boats (boatels).

Related Project Experience

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  • Crystal Cruise Lines
  • Star Princess, Princess Cruise Lines
  • Volpe National Transportation Systems Center
  • MOTIVA South Berth Marine Terminal, Providence, RI
  • RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA U
  • SS Yorktown, Patriots Point, Charleston Harbor, SC
  • Correct Craft, Orange County, FL
  • Deep Lagoon Boat Club, Lee County, FL

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