Predicting human behavior to help save lives in an emergency

We use pedestrian modeling to understand how people move throughout your facility during emergency events. Modeling can help you predict human behavior when subjected to smoke movement and physical barriers such as security gates and ticket kiosks. By simulating these scenarios, we can help you identify potential modifications to inform security, emergency response, daily operations and improve life safety compliance.


Our team uses egress models to analyze emergency evacuation scenarios. We identify critical events, and when, why and where they occur, informing our approach toward performance-based design.


We use timed egress models to evaluate crowd movement scenarios, both during normal building usage and special events, to estimate the impact of security barriers and checkpoints as well as the impact of events such as fires, bomb threats and active shooter scenarios.


During emergency events, dynamic exit signage helps to re-route occupants in real-time. We use model predictions to determine optimal paths and provide direction in all corridors, stairways and junction points in the building.

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