Reduce risk + improve resiliency

Explosion hazards, whether intentional or accidental are a significant consideration in the safe design of many types of facilities. Combined with our structural design services, our protective design expertise provides you with detailed structural assessments, guidance on explosives safety and customized design solutions to reduce vulnerabilities while balancing aesthetics of your project. These services can be tailored for all types of structures and system sand assets—helping you protect what matters most.

Blast Analysis + Design

Our blast analysis and design team assesses the potential impact to inform load quantification, code consulting and design. By using a broad range of analysis techniques including shock, over-pressure, impulse, thermal loading and fragmentation, we help identify structural capacity and design solutions to mitigate the effect of blast loads. We can also help interpret and apply federal, commercial and industrial blast design criteria, as well as explosive material siting and storage.

Ballistic + Hazardous Fragment Protection

Whether they are intentionally or accidentally generated, bullets and other high-velocity fragments can threaten the safety of your people and assets. With our team's deep understanding of ballistics and explosive fragmentation, we can characterize and quantify the likely threat(s) and design or specify appropriate protective measures. From prescriptive UL-rated assemblies to performance-based custom protective components, enclosure and barriers, our engineers have you covered.

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