Bringing your security plan into focus

Solid security risk management begins with a master plan—a vision of how you will protect your organization’s people, environment, assets and reputation. Our security master plans include a balanced arrangement of physical, technical and operational security elements. We help you evaluate those core elements within your facility and verify your security plan is adaptable, and consistently re-evaluated, for the challenges you face now—and in the future.

Security Assessments

A thorough understanding of the existing security threats and vulnerability gaps in your facility is critical in developing a robust security program. Every organization faces unique security threats and vulnerability challenges. We can help you evaluate your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios and recommend key security elements and risk mitigation solutions.

Existing Systems, Policies + Procedure

We’ll work with you to identify and understand existing security systems, and their associated interfaces, as well as review previously implemented security policies, procedures and operations. In addition, we can help you develop new policies or procedures, or fine-tune those currently in place.

Security Program Management + Training

We examine the whole security environment as a dynamic function; from site access (credential & key control), core asset distribution, physical and electronic security to guard force management, workplace violence, policies, procedures, training and more.

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