Balanced solutions to physical, technical + operational security challenges

Security involves the integration of design, technology and operation for the protection of people, information and property. What constitutes an appropriate balance varies from one property to another. We use a holistic approach to security systems to ensure all security elements work together for a robust and cost-effective approach specific to your needs.

Physical + Technical System Design

Our security experts have extensive project experience designing both technical and physical security systems, a deep knowledge about the variety of security technology and access control available and can effectively guide you when making important capital expenditure decisions.

Control Room Design

Our team of experienced security consultants can help you get the most value from your security investments by designing a well-conceived, efficient control rooms that quickly gather, process and redistribute the information that is critical to your daily operations.

Code + Standards Compliance Analyses

If not addressed, requirements for security can easily conflict with requirements for life safety. Utilizing our in-house fire protection and life safety expertise, in combination with security experts, we ensure that security designs, systems and programs do not conflict with life safety requirements, including the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.

Multiple Layers of Protection

We take a “concentric layers of protection” approach, providing expertise in system-engineering criteria; systems design integration and concept methodology. We have extensive experience in the design of electronic security system solutions (PACS, VSS, IDS, ECS), asset protection systems, Security Management System (SMS) and Physical Security Incident Management (PISM) integration concepts.

Construction Period Services

We can jump in at all stages of development, from conceptual design to commissioning and acceptance, in both new construction and retrofit projects. Our experts also provide construction administration services to evaluate bids, review shop drawings, oversee installation and validate testing and commissioning.

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