With offices in Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and other localities, we provide comprehensive coverage and deliver high-level project outcomes throughout Asia. Our clients benefit from our local experts’ years of experience in a broad range of engineering and consulting services, including fire and building safety, energy and utilities, security risk consultancy, health care and emergency management, forensics, and other specialty services. As we grow throughout the Asia region, we continue to increase our technical expertise and expand the resources available to our clients.


Focused on the hospitality sector in the Asia Region providing Fire Life Safety (FLS) and Mechanical, Electrical + Plumbing (MEP) services, particularly for international hotel brands. For example, we provided life safety reviews, plan and design reviews, construction management, system pre-testing, system commissioning and fire/life safety audits on hundreds of Marriott International properties and delivered these services in a highly responsive and technically sound manner.


We provide third party consulting services to support and supplement code reviews required by clients and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s.) Our deep team of registered design professionals supplement gaps or provide expert consultation. This includes design reviews of construction documents, specifications and calculations to provide assurance and confidence in facility functions; special inspections and construction support; and commissioning. Additional construction support can be given to provide contractor guidance and acceptance of construction processes.


Within our fire protection engineering design expertise we utilize advanced modeling and performance-based design solutions in the pre-build, commissioning, testing and maintenance stages of your building’s development. We keep your occupants safe, meeting the challenges of aesthetics, functionality and cost with practical and flexible design solutions.


Core to our Asian service offer is premium quality fire safety engineering services. Our focus is to protect lives and provide the highest possible level of fire and building safety. We partner with developers, owners, code officials and architects to identify risks, review building and fire code requirements, and help deliver the most appropriate fire engineering strategy for your building.

Power Risk Solutions

We assist with compliance and help enhance the safety and operational performance of complex facilities, such as nuclear power plants, oil and gas facilities, and energy storage sites. As the principal developers for Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) methods and technology, our aim is to keep you ahead of the curve by identifying and assessing threats and implementing hazard mitigation services as well as risk-informed engineering and design. We support safe and reliable facility operations through planning, designing and implementing advanced engineering solutions.


Our specialists work on some of the tallest buildings in Asia. Our team provide comprehensive fire and life safety consulting services, including fire protection strategies based on code requirements and life safety enhancements, fire performance-based design, guidance on fire detection and alarm system features, smoke management to maintain safe egress conditions for occupant evacuation and fire modeling services. We can also perform timed egress analysis to assess the benefit of using elevators under emergency conditions.

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