From our well-established base in Seoul, South Korea, we focus on six primary services: fire protection engineering and design, fire protection and life safety services, clean agent system software, specialty services for Korean engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects, dust hazard analysis (DHA), and fire performance-based design (PBD). Our local team of experts delivers high-quality project outcomes, which are further enhanced by Jensen Hughes’ extensive global capabilities. Please make contact to learn more.

Fire Protection Engineering + Design

We provide fire protection design services for manufacturing plants, power plants, oil and gas refineries, desalination plants, steel mills, environmental facilities, and high-rise buildings. We determine system performance requirements, produce design drawings from schematic to detailed, perform manufacturer specific calculations and evaluate the installation of your systems. We also identify the correct building criteria that applies to your project.

Fire Protection + Life Safety Services

We provide fire protection and life safety services for worldwide hotel chains, U.S. military facilities, renowned factories and high-rise building projects. Our services include code consulting, inspection, testing, commissioning and acceptance, plan review, fire protection/life safety system evaluation, audit, code representation, and third-party peer review.

Clean Agent System Software

Our software has been used by several system manufacturers for their clean agent systems and as part of their system’s Listings and Approvals. The software has been used for halocarbon agents like HFC-227ea (FM-200), HFC-125 (FE-25), FK-5-1-12 (Novec 1230) and inert gases, including IG-100 (Nitrogen), IG-01 (Argon), IG-55 (Argonite) and IG-541 (Inergen). Our software provides a user-friendly interface for the model consisting of a series of input screens that guide the designer through the system design.

Specialty Services for Korean EPC Projects

We have partnered on Korean Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects for many years and know the processes, operations, and preferred methods to solve complex design and construction challenges. With experts in our Korea office and more than 90 offices worldwide, we can help you achieve compliance and manage risks for your overseas projects. Our comprehensive services include fire engineering, fire and life safety, risks and hazards, and local fire permit services.

Dust Hazard Analysis

Dust hazard analysis (DHA) is a systematic review of potential fire, flash fire or explosive hazards associated with combustible dust and the plan to mitigate the risk. Through DHA, we help you establish a baseline level of worker safety and business continuity while limiting damage to buildings and processes from combustible dust-related fires, deflagrations or explosions. Our DHA report provides you with actionable, prioritized recommendations to bridge any gaps between existing conditions and industry best practices.

Fire Performance-Based Design

Our performance-based design (PBD) services include fire alarm, fire suppression, and smoke control systems design as well as scientific and reasonable scenarios design, application of computer-based fire modeling, fire-structural analysis, and other specialized applications. Our advanced computer models analyze fire, smoke and structural consequences to develop performance-based solutions. PBD solutions can achieve compliance with the intent of prescriptive building codes.

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