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Since 1939, we have dedicated ourselves to fire protection engineering, initially in the United States and now worldwide. Today, our expertise, commitment and passion extend across additional domains — including accessibility consulting, risk and hazard analysis, process safety, forensic investigations, security risk and emergency management as well as digital innovation across many of our services.

At the forefront of the most critical issues in our industry + our world.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

As a strategic partner to global public and private enterprises with fixed asset portfolios, we help clients anticipate risks and take action before harmful incidents occur. We provide services for everything from interstate pipelines and mission-critical data centers to nuclear power facilities and government landmarks.

Environment, Communities + Standards

As an industry leader, we build a better world by providing innovative solutions for the most complex issues facing society. We assist wildfire risk, consult on energy storage system solutions, safely advance carbon-free infrastructure like nuclear power, and commercial workplaces, and strive to set an example in our industry for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Protecting People Before, During + After Crises

As experts, we protect people wherever they work, live or play. We uncover root causes, investigate structural defects and product failures, intervene when an employee poses a risk of violence, and champion new ways for police departments to answer the needs of communities.

Large-Scale Design + Construction

As a preferred partner to the most respected architectural and engineering firms in the world, we help bring to life the safest, most secure and most resilient infrastructure — like the tallest buildings, strongest dams and longest tunnels as well as new cities in emerging markets.


We have served on more than 450 committees for international standards-setting organizations and have been instrumental in the development and revision of safety codes. Through our client service, recruitment and training, we help drive adoption of codes and standards throughout the world.


With more than 90 offices worldwide supporting clients globally across all markets, we utilize our geographic reach to help better serve the needs of our local, regional, and multinational clients. In every market, our teams are deeply entrenched in local communities, which is important to establishing trust and delivering on our promises.

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Jensen Hughes ensures non-discrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact the Jensen Hughes Compliance Team at 410-737-8677 or compliance@jensenhughes.com.