Since 1939, we have been at the leading edge of safety, security and risk-based engineering and consulting, serving the most complex global projects. In addition, we pride ourselves on driving code and standard development and adoption throughout the world and across industries. We planted our roots with a commitment to earning your trust and protecting lives, property and reputation.

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We are the stewards to ensure that our solutions, expertise and technical exellence bring you peace of mind in everything we do.

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Updated Nuclear Industry Technical Basis Report, International

After the incident at Fukushima, the EPRI needed to update their technical basis report with lessons learned.

Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The unconventional and complex nature of the proposed building design left architects struggling to achieve code compliance.

Glass Canopy Fractures, Train Station and Hotel, U.S.

Within two years of installation, several glass panels in canopies began to fracture, posing a potential safety threat.