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Our building code consulting team provides expert advice on regulations, codes and safety for building projects. Using a proactive approach to building control, we identify cost-effective design solutions, facilitate certification, conduct code audits and building inspections, and carry out due diligence, compliance and approval assessments. As code consultants, we assist with all manner of building regulation consultancy throughout the design phases of your projects. With the introduction of the NSW Building and Development Certifiers Act on 1 July 2020, and similarly in other states of Australia, there is a stronger distinction between design consultancy and certification functions and what constitutes a conflict of interest. Accredited Certifiers/PCAs, now known as Registered Certifiers or those who undertake certification work, will no longer be able to participate in a project’s design phases and Development Application assessments.

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Key Services


Building Code + Regulations

Working with private enterprises and local and state governments, we have acquired over 150 combined years’ experience in building regulations, including the National Construction Code (NCC) and Building Code of Australia (BCA). Our skilled team is uniquely positioned to provide building regulations consultancy to all facility stakeholders, including owners, architects, developers, builders, strata plans and public sector authorities. For new buildings, we facilitate the building approvals process, helping to ensure building proposals satisfy the regulatory requirements of the approving authority.

Design - Building Code

Our team covers all phases of the design process, from pre-development to the detailed design phase. We begin by assessing proposed new works for design optimization and auditing existing structures to identify and recommend appropriate upgrading regimes. We then liaise with councils and advise on performance-based compliance design options. In the detailed design phase, we provide an architectural and services design assessment with detailed drawings of proposed developments against the NCC.
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Building Upgrades

As building codes are revised and buildings change through alterations and refurbishment, voluntary and mandatory fire safety upgrades become necessary. Our extensive experience, great teamwork and innovative approaches allow us to add value to building upgrades. We provide fire safety upgrade strategies and reporting along with inspection and audit services using both regulatory and risk-based methods. Typically covering audit against current code requirements, detailed condition reports, due diligence reports, and fire and life safety audit reports.

Construction Inspections + Advice

For buildings under construction, we provide detailed progress inspections on behalf of the builder, developer or owner. We focus on identifying possible defects and risks to minimize the potential of a defects claim and avoid last minute issues that can delay finalization of the building works. During the construction phase, our consultancy services include answering RFI’s, addressing general building regulations and accessibility needs and considering all relevant fire safety issues.

Fire Safety Assessment

We address fire safety assessment needs through preparation of annual fire safety statements and fire safety audits of existing buildings on behalf of building owners. A fire risk assessment report contains information about the premises being assessed with an overview of the building, fire protection, fire hazards, people at risk, building occupancy, means of escape, and significant findings of the assessment. We undertake a performance capability assessment of fire safety measures for the purpose of informing annual or supplementary fire safety.

Building Performance Solutions

Our engineers conduct a thorough assessment of performance-based solutions, providing a value engineering approach that yields results. By utilising the flexibilities and opportunities available within the Performance Regulations, we assist in the economic undertaking of building development. We also create performance solution reports to capture the important factors in achieving the optimum building performance from a fire engineering and personal safety perspective.

Passive Fire Design

Our team has expertise in all aspects of passive fire design and protection, providing consultation, testing, and certification services for passive fire procedures and systems. We work closely with owners, facility management, and building contractors across new projects and existing buildings to conduct full, passive fire systems audits and advise clients on systems selection. We also perform siting of key fire prevention methods, from fire doors, floor block outs and penetration sealing to fire-activated smoke and damper systems.

Expert Witness

Legal action is sometimes unavoidable. When disputes occur, we can assist by providing expert advice and evidence. Our experts have prepared many litigation compliant reports on buildings and the approvals process for a number of jurisdictions, including NCAT – NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal, Supreme Court, and Land and Environment Court. We undertake the role of expert witness by providing detailed assessments and expert reports. We have vast experience in expert conclaves, joint inspections and mediations.

Crown Certification

We provide certification of state and federal Crown projects for buildings and infrastructure works. Crown developments must be certified by or on behalf of the Crown to comply with the technical provisions of the State's building laws allowed under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. This includes undertaking an NCC assessment of the concept design and providing a BCA Report. The process also requires a Compliance Report based on the architectural documentation pursuant to Sec 6.28 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 relating to Crown Certification.

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