DataAdvisr™ AI-Powered Process Improvement Solution

Drive more efficient business-critical operations with Jensen Hughes DataAdvisr. A machine learning and data analytics platform, this digital solution automates condition report processing and management of maintenance requests. DataAdvisr reduces manual review and classification of condition reports (CRs) in real-world applications by up to 80%, as proven at several nuclear power stations.


Leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) for informed decisions

Cut through complex data with a proven solution from the experts at Jensen Hughes. Our DataAdvisr machine learning and data analytics platform automatically screens, prioritizes and processes incoming condition reports or trouble tickets. DataAdvisr uses AI techniques such as natural language processing and supervised learning to help you achieve faster results and enhanced decision-making.

Why Choose DataAdvisr

Reduce Costs

Better manage business processes by saving time and money with our AI solution that permanently reduces manual review and classification.

Drive Efficiencies

DataAdvisr significantly improves your facility’s efficiency by optimizing processes, improving decision-making and delivering faster results.

Improve Compliance

Maintain compliance with a proven software solution backed by an experienced technical team able to provide subject matter and regulatory expertise.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Gene Kelly, Senior Manager

Constellation Energy

“Jensen Hughes is a company we've worked with for many years on probabilistic risk assessment models and has great capabilities in artificial intelligence and machine learning.”


Typical time/effort savings in managing condition reports


of nuclear industry uses a Jensen Hughes solution

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DataAdvisr is a stand-alone application that can be configured for both cloud-based systems or on premises servers. DataAdvisr is installed on the client's existing IT infrastructure, ensuring that security measures match client requirements.

Yes, DataAdvisr has been designed to provide the results of its prediction algorithms in a format easily incorporated into existing processes, programs and procedures. Jensen Hughes experts will partner with clients to ensure smooth transition into using the DataAdvisr predictions to streamline condition report processing.

DataAdvisr is built on key AI techniques that require training a model to predict key processing parameters from historical data. Although the core functionality of DataAdvisr doesn't change, the creation of specific models and algorithms to benefit client-specific processes and procedures is unique for each deployment.

Jensen Hughes experts are available during each deployment to explain and interpret results. Additionally, the DataAdvisr solution includes a pilot period where performance is monitored and benchmarked. Incorporating lessons learned, DataAdvisr is updated prior to full rollout of the platform to ensure that the specific needs of a client are met. The platform also has an intuitive GUI that can be deployed to display detailed metrics used to arrive at its prediction.

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