RiskAdvisr™ Fire Protection Risk Analysis

Streamline processes, help create operational efficiencies and unlock interconnected data with RiskAdvisr. By integrating all aspects of your fire protection program, you can produce new insights that will help reduce facility risk. Especially in highly regulated industries like nuclear power, RiskAdvisr helps you stay in compliance by providing a single-source solution for safe shutdown, system tracking, probabilistic risk assessments and more. Learn about this solution’s advanced features.

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Data insights for more informed decision-making

RiskAdvisr performs comprehensive analyses of the relationships between fire protection and facility equipment and systems to understand how these elements connect to each other, as well as how specific failures could impact operational needs and compliance. This solution is backed by more than 20 years of practical experience in nuclear power generation and supported by a team with deep understanding of the most innovative industry technologies.

Why Choose RiskAdvisr

Improve Resiliency

Protect people, assets and reputation. RiskAdvisr accurately models emergency scenarios to gauge consequences against protection strategies and determines the best course of prevention and recovery ahead of an event.

Save Time

Get your head out of binders and buried systems. RiskAdvisr streamlines operations and provides data insights that create more time for your team.

Make More-Informed Decisions

With more connected data and advanced functionality, you can unlock insights for more informed decision-making — all while unifying technical methodologies and process controls.

How We Help Our Clients

20+ years

of industry experience

Over 60%

of U.S. nuclear facilities use Jensen Hughes software

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RiskAdvisr allows you to logically map the dependencies of components, equipment and systems relative to inoperability. It provides both the analysis and programmatic capabilities to understand the failure and apply mitigation strategies while adhering to compliance and regulatory standards.

  • Data Manager: Controls the data related to plant physical layout, equipment, cable routing, circuit analysis and administrative controls.

  • Facility Safety and Security Analysis: Assesses and documents facility vulnerabilities, including cascading effects. Allows for real-time analyses of emergent issues.

  • Programmatic: Manages program information and compliance requirements. Generates hazards analyses and design basis data.

  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA): Manages data associated with Fire PRA development and maintenance.

  • System Tracking: Manages fire permitting for combustibles, hot work, impairment, inspection, testing and maintenance and more.

Yes. Although originally created for fire protection, it can solve challenges for any key function required to support a mission-critical activity.

RiskAdvisr facilitates the integration of all aspects of the fire protection or mission-critical program, fire protection and facility equipment and systems, inspection testing and maintenance and out-of-service time. Our platform realizes industry-leading efficiencies by creating capacity to redeploy resources, significantly reducing the time burden associated with:

  • Failure analysis

  • Permitting

  • Out-of-service tracking

  • Integrated hazards and compliance analysis

  • Tracking of in-design and as-built building conditions and modifications

RiskAdvisr is a complete upgrade of our legacy product, ARCPlus, which has been used by technicians, engineers and compliance teams in the majority of U.S. nuclear facilities for over 20 years.

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