SMARTPLAN™ Emergency Response Plan Solution

Developed by the experts at Jensen Hughes, SMARTPLAN customizes and streamlines your organization’s response planning across facilities, regions and divisions.


Includes customizable Response Plan templates that help you prepare for events like fires, flooding, hurricanes, cyber-security breaches and more:

  • Emergency Response Plans (ERP)
  • Business Continuity Plans (BCPs)
  • Crisis Management Plans (CMP)
  • Fire Pre Plans
  • Facility Response Plans (FRP)
  • Incident Management Plans
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC)

Maximize emergency planning efficiency and consistency

SMARTPLAN software provides a streamlined solution for your company’s emergency preparedness program, whether you need to manage response plans across several locations or maintain multiple plans with limited resources. With an industry-leading selection of customizable response plan templates, SMARTPLAN is the most innovative, efficient and consistent response planning and emergency management digital solution on the market.


Improve Compliance

Regulatory compliance across multiple regions and agencies is critical. SMARTPLAN allows you to better maintain your response plans and meet applicable regulatory requirements, which helps improve long-term compliance.

Reduce Costs

Improve operational efficiencies with our scalable digital solution that links critical data across locations, departments and business units and provides a solution to rapidly incorporate acquired facilities.

Drive Improved Response

Every second matters in an emergency. Our user-friendly format, mobile accessibility and integrated SMARTRESPONSE™ solution ensures your team can rapidly access up-to-date response information.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Andy McClish

Manager, Regulatory Compliance TLP Management Services, LLC

“We have been working with SMARTPLAN since 2005 and consider it an essential component in our compliance toolbox.”


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Yes, we can incorporate periodic feeds from any HR system at any frequency. This will automatically update contact details of your company personnel, reducing plan maintenance time. We can incorporate single sign-on to allow authorized users to access SMARTPLAN and SMARTRESPONSE with their assigned permissions once they are signed on to your network.

No, we will incorporate your completed plans in SMARTPLAN as part of our integration process, then transition responsibility to your users to provide ongoing plan updates.

Yes, we can integrate any plan format, any of our hundreds of templates from our library or a customized template that utilizes a combination of both.

Our response plan template library includes:

  • Business Continuity Plans

  • OPA 90/Facility Response Plans

  • Fire Pre-Plans

  • Fire Safety Plans

  • School Emergency Operations Plans

  • Healthcare Emergency Operations Plans

  • and Emergency Response Plans for multiple industries

Yes, our SMARTPLAN Mobile App can access key portions of your live plans in SMARTPLAN and works with both Android and iPhone devices.

The average engagement with a client lasts more than 12 years. We have clients in several different industries and 19 clients in the Fortune 500.

It integrates key information from your response plans, such as notifications, response checklists and response team roles, to help manage and document incidents and exercises.

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