ProtectAdvisr™ Healthcare Risk Management Solution

ProtectAdvisr is a platform of digital solutions that supports the risk management needs of healthcare organizations, including dedicated solutions for:

  • Emergency Management — Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery

  • Inspections Management — Life Safety, Construction Administration and Asset Inspections

  • Compliance Management — Inspection, Testing and Maintenance + Compliance Requirements

  • Healthcare Coalition Management — Collaborative Planning and Response Tool

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Enhance collaboration to improve compliance and safety

Gain more insight and remove data silos to enhance your emergency management, life safety and environment of care programs. ProtectAdvisr provides real-time situational awareness at the facility and departmental levels to enhance collaboration, improve safety and strengthen resiliency. It’s fully supported by a team of experts, so you can be confident in our ability to address your most complex risk challenges.

Why Choose ProtectAdvisr

Gain Insight

ProtectAdvisr is always accessible to all team members. It allows you to view and report real-time data and track actions for more informed decision-making.

Strengthen Compliance

ProtectAdvisr supports healthcare organizations by connecting multidisciplinary teams with actionable data to ensure requirements are met and documented in an accurate and timely manner.

Leverage Expertise

Our experts have decades of experience helping our clients manage risk across the continuum of care, from life and building safety systems to emergency preparedness and response.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Doug Smith, System Manager for Emergency Management

Riverside Health System

"ProtectAdvisr has become an integral component of the Riverside Health System emergency management program. It not only meets the needs of the emergency management team, but it also includes a life safety solution and an accreditation solution. It allows for better integration of these distinct, but interrelated, critical areas."

Used at 1,600+

U.S. healthcare facilities

Up to 40%

time reduction across compliance programs

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During the onboarding process, Jensen Hughes will configure the ProtectAdvisr platform for your organization and healthcare system. Jensen Hughes staff will discuss and develop a strategic plan for onboarding and implementation with your organization. For example, for the Emergency Management solution, staff will input all the planning information and assist your organization in educating staff and leaders on how to use the solution. Lastly, we conduct a reporting and incident management team practical use exercise to finalize the initial implementation.

Yes. The solution includes a robust tool for building and archiving an annual HVA as required by Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and outputting reports as necessary, based on the Kaiser-Permanente model.

ProtectAdvisr has redesigned the approach to emergency status reporting from our legacy platform. Reporting now provides members an easy-to-navigate reporting wizard that prompts questions based on the facility type (Hospital, Long-Term Care, Ambulatory Surgery Center, etc.), as well as what important details are required for the event. Additionally, the platform has been upgraded and is mobile-friendly. Members can report directly from their mobile devices in the same easy-to-use platform as the desktop version.

Our consultants and our Digital group work as an ecosystem of value for our clients. As an example, our Fire and Building Safety professionals enter their data and output their reports using the ProtectAdvisr Inspections Management solution. Our clients with access to the solution have up-to-date data on the inspections for your facility, have access to industry-leading remediation recommendations, floor plans, associated drawings and documents, and can track remediation cost data and more. Annotated floor plans from the inspection are easy to find with a tablet during a walk-down with an inspector.

Yes. All the ProtectAdvisr solutions are penetration-tested, are hosted in secure SOC2-compliant data centers and conform to industry-standard data security practices where applicable.

ProtectAdvisr is a web-based application and can therefore be accessed from anywhere in the world with your login credentials. ProtectAdvisr is built within a responsive design framework. No matter what type of device you use to access the internet, ProtectAdvisr automatically adjusts to ensure you receive the best-in-class user experience.

The platform includes a Compliance Management Solution that can support organizations across various industries in tracking and maintaining, the documentation of Inspection, Testing and Maintenance programs. The solution includes an interactive dashboard to facilitate collaboration among teams.

Digital Solutions


Fire protection risk analysis that enables better data-driven decision-making in mission critical environments.

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Hazardous materials management solution that improves compliance and minimizes risk.

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AI-powered process improvement software that automatically screens, prioritizes and processes incoming condition reports and trouble tickets.

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Emergency response plan software that improves response plan management, compliance and accessibility.

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Healthcare risk management solution that streamlines emergency response, life safety and environment of care programs.

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