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Jul 13, 2022

Helping you keep patients + staff safe is our highest priority

Today’s health care environments must comply with many safety and security standards while also providing a positive patient experience. With experience protecting all types of health care facilities through any emergency and in any phase of the building’s life cycle, our team can help you navigate your toughest challenges and give you peace of mind through training, technology and preventive measures.

We can also continually provide Life Safety Code Assessments, failure analysis and ongoing code and standard compliance support while helping you stay ahead of the curve as your needs and regulations change.

How we help our clients

  • A dedicated team of health care experts with 40+ years of experience working exclusively in health care
  • Web-based management tools providing real-time situational awareness and a central dashboard
  • Experience in addressing prevention and evacuation procedures by training your staff in realistic emergency conditions
  • Leading experts in the Life Safety Code and other health care-related codes and standards to help you maintain your design vision while enabling best practices for patient acuity

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