Integral to Safety + Property Protection

Fire and life safety are pivotal considerations in today’s building designs. The integration of fire alarm systems, fire protection, life safety, and other fire protection systems into the design of all building types is essential for safety, property protection and code compliance. As leaders among fire and life safety consultants, we're actively involved in the development process for many of the fire protection system codes and standards. This knowledge and experience allows us to prepare accurate, cost effective, state-of-the-art fire protection fire and life system designs.


In a fire or emergency, a well-designed fire alarm system is the cornerstone of your fire protection strategy. Working with building owners, designers, and architects, we determine system performance requirements, produce detailed fire alarm design drawings and documents, perform manufacturer specific calculations, and evaluate the installation of your systems.


Extinguishing or controlling a fire quickly can help prevent catastrophic fire damage. Our fire protection engineers can determine system performance requirements, evaluate water supply systems, perform hydraulic calculations, and assess code compliance.


Smoke exposure is a primary concern during fire events. We develop smoke computer models to predict the movement of hot smoke and toxic gas through a building. Using these models, system performance can be refined and optimized prior to the procurement and installation of equipment, often resulting in substantial cost savings.