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The State of Connecticut has been working to develop a comprehensive healthcare coalition model to support the ESF #8 (Public Health) a part of the National Response Framework. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Department of Public Health identified the need to rapidly support and extend the coalition to include all facilities across the continuum of care.

With the coalition expanding to over 330 members, the coalition, Department of Public Health, and other State emergency management partners needed a comprehensive program and tools to coordinate the mitigation, planning, response, and recovery efforts of the public health sector

Jensen Hughes has been a partner with the Connecticut Department of Public Health in the development of a long-term care mutual aid plan since 2012. We worked with the coalition to provide Incident Management Team support, helping to develop coordinated response plans across the continuum of care. We assisted with identifying their capabilities and implementing a more integrated care program across different components of the healthcare system. We also implemented the ProtectAdvisr solution to support the coalition’s efforts surrounding planning and situational awareness and a response framework for crisis events. ProtectAdvisr can help streamline healthcare facilities’ emergency management, life safety and fire safety procedures, improve preparedness, and collect, manage and analyze data across a range of areas - from surge capacity plan details to transportation resources to patient safety documents.

Through our services and digital solutions, we supported the coalition's success and elevated the program to a proactive and engaged group of healthcare experts. With the assistance of ProtectAdvisr, the coalition, State and other emergency management partners were able to gain situational awareness and detailed information about the healthcare sector across the State at a moment’s notice. Through drills, exercises and real-life events, these partners now share a platform to gather customized data points while having an easy-to-use dashboard to visualize and manage those data points during times of crisis. ProtectAdvisr and Jensen Hughes’ support has propelled the coalition and State into a comprehensive healthcare coalition program that will help build a safe, secure and resilient community across the State of Connecticut.

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