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Case Study

Our client is a leading healthcare system within the United States with multiple hospitals, outpatient centers, and surgical centers focusing on providing patient-centered care while meeting the highest standards for quality and patient safety for exceptional outcomes. With this emphasis on patient safety and quality, the organization’s leaders identified the importance of the physical environment of care to provide top tier quality to their patients, staff, and community.

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The Problem

Failure to maintain equipment can lead to safety risks compromising the facility and leading to additional costs. Our client was seeking a way to better organize their processes, documentation, and compliance surrounding Inspection, testing, and maintenance of their various facilities. They wanted to simultaneously reduce risk of accreditation deficiencies and establish a more efficient and cost-effective process.

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The Solution

Partnering with the team at Jensen Hughes, this healthcare system implemented our ProtectAdvisr Compliance Management Solution to both improve and gain efficiency in their inspection, testing, and maintenance program.

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The Results

The healthcare system has experienced a stronger organization of compliance activities which has reduced the number of deficiencies during Authority Having Jurisdiction surveys and reduced the administrative burden by one (1) Full Time Employee per site. This affords staff the opportunity to stop researching and chasing the regulations and paperwork and focus on other tasks to improve plant operations and building design. The use of this technology and partnership with the experts at Jensen Hughes has started the process of developing intelligent buildings allowing organizations to utilize data to improve compliance, analyze building operations, and improve utility and life safety systems to enhance the environment of care and assist in providing a high-quality safe patient care environment.