Safety is the only outcome

The nuclear industry is constantly evolving. With continued global initiatives moving to clean, reliable and affordable energy, the nuclear industry is focusing on increasing reliability and maintaining safety while eliminating unnecessary costs. We use risk insights to improve overall efficiency and increase safety to protect surrounding communities and the environment. We are actively involved with industry policy and research and can offer a range of solutions using risk-informed decision-making, experienced-based engineering and innovative software solutions. We provide these services to the entire U.S. nuclear fleet and plants in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Related Capabilities

Fire + Life Safety Systems Design

Compliant, integrated solutions that address fire and life safety matters within the built environment.

Code Consulting

A full range of building and fire code consulting services for developers, owners and architects.


We provide quality control process to verify that your systems will perform as intended.

Fire, Smoke + Egress Modeling

Innovative fire, egress and smoke modeling tools to elevate fire protection designs.

MEP + Structural Safety

Linking life and fire designs systems with structural and various mechanical, electrical and plumbing requirements.

Hazardous Materials

We perform a wide range of hazard assessments for chemical, industrial and manufacturing facilities.

Testing, Research + Development

Our advanced in-house laboratory, testing and modeling services support our investigative work.

Catastrophic Response

When disaster strikes, a timely response is critical to saving lives and property. Our experts are available 24/7.

Protective Design

Unlock emergency planning solutions to mitigate the effects of explosions against all types of structures and mitigate risk.

Security Systems Design

Draw on our expertise in system-engineering criteria; systems design integration and concept methodology.

Security Assessments

Identify your facility’s weaknesses and threats, whether they be physical, natural or man-made.

Security Master Planning

Assess your organization’s overall security goals, priorities, programs and processes to ensure a secure facility.

Emergency Action Plans

Response planning and post-event response services to reduce your vulnerability to hazards.

Building + Fire Code Training

A diverse offering of building and fire code training courses that can be customized to your needs.

Electrical Safety Training

Customized training specific to your business needs or on NFPA standards

Emergency Preparedness

We provide training and planning to ensure your company’s resilience in a disaster.

Expert Laboratory Services

Advanced laboratory facilities used for fire testing, sample preparation, and material/evidence inspection.

Life Safety + Emergency Management

We help you understand every aspect of emergency management from pre-event planning to post-event procedures.

Mass Notification Systems

Ensuring the entire organization is aligned and set up to deliver an effective mass notification during an emergency.

Materials Science

From defect to degradation, our metallurgical and materials team provides you with comprehensive investigations.

Fire Science

Providing fire investigation rooted in science.

Nuclear Safety

Tailored software solutions that deliver results and achieve sustained growth.

Failure Analysis

We pinpoint the root cause of your industrial failure and help get you back on track as quickly and safely as possible.

Risk Analysis

In-depth risk and external hazard analyses, probabilistic risk assessments and risk mitigation services.

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