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Gaetano Coppola


Managing Director, Italy


Gaetano is an accomplished fire protection industry executive with extensive experience with risk and hazard analysis in a diverse range of industries. He is committed to ensuring compliance with Italian codes and national standards. Throughout his career, he has built a reputation for developing innovative solutions to complex challenges.

The first commitments within the company were concerning the design of fire protection systems according to national and international standards, providing feasibility studies, codes compliance analysis and plans review services to Multinational Clients to cope with their Insurances recommendations and the requirements of the local AHJ.

Quite soon he extended his activities to encompass a wider set of services including fire prevention and risk analysis in different industrial sectors. He is member of the TC34: Active Fire Protection Systems of the Italian Standard National BodyUNI since 1995 and has been nominated as National Expert of UNI within the European TC 191/WG5 in 2007.

Education / Certifications
  • Electronics Technologies, High Processional School Milan
  • Society of Fire Protection Engineers

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