Remediating Environmental Hazards Risking Your Business

Whether in the air, water or soil, environmental contaminations can be extremely destructive and have long-term consequences that require complex remediation. When a contamination or spill occurs, it’s critical to respond rapidly to not only begin remediation efforts, but to also determine the cause of the failure. Environmental forensics is a highly complex exercise and requires a multidisciplinary team to determine the origin and timings of environment releases.

Air, Water or Soil Contamination

Oil and chemical spills, land contamination, asbestos – all are examples of types of contaminations and spills we see. Our aim is to minimise the impact of spills and contamination, always. Our team of environmental engineers, scientists and advisers are ready to help address even the most complex challenges with a thorough understanding of each situation and ability to share comprehensive solutions.

Litigation Support

Because of our breadth of knowledge, we are often called as expert witnesses to provide attorneys with a sound technical foundation for legal arguments. We have been called to testify on various areas such as air quality, using our modeling capabilities, or the regulatory environmental impacts of firefighting foams.

Focus on Contamination

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We excel and have deep experience in environmental expert testimony.


We can move quickly to respond to the incident and investigate.


We utilize our global network of forensic experts to build a team focused on your situation.


Our analysis will give you clear next steps in recovery of the contamination.

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