Expert Testimony + Defensible Data Rooted in Science

We provide litigation support, expert testimony and scientific analysis for a broad spectrum of cases, ranging from malicious intent and construction defect, to the performance of consumer, fire protection systems and accident reconstruction. Our continued investment in advancing the science of safety equips our court-tested experts with technical expertise and robust science-based analysis to back it up. When you require defensible data to support your claim, we have the expertise.

Forensic Investigations

Our high-level international team of civil, structural, geotechnical, mechanical, materials, electrical, chemical, and fire engineers as well as our fire investigators and scientists provide us with an unparalleled depth of multi-disciplinary technical expertise that can be drawn upon for expert witness services. In the field, in the lab, in the courtroom and around the globe our litigation support services include expert testimony, evidence storage and chain of custody, evidence exams and trial exhibits.

Evidence Storage + Chain of Custody

Handling of evidence and evidence storage can have a significant impact on a matter involving litigation. Our secure facilities, storage lockers and regulated chain of custody ensures that any evidence collected from the scene of a product failure, fire or industrial failure will follow a strict guideline that holds up in court.

Focus on Expert Witness + Litigation Support

Defensible data, world-class expertise


We provide world-class expert and reliable testimony, rooted in science.


We collate and protect all evidence throughout the investigation.


We undertake careful and detailed analysis of evidence and facts to support the case.


Our aim is to always to determine origin and cause and explain what happened.

Our European Offices

Global reach and local delivery across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our Forensics Experts

Meet our industry-leading forensic investigators.