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With over 25 years of experience, Jensen Hughes is Europe's leading fire engineering consultancy providing innovative, performance-based fire safety solutions. Our team of experts has an unwavering commitment to service excellence, working closely with clients to develop cost-effective designs that meet safety codes without compromising architectural aesthetics.

Safe Buildings Without

compromising design vision

Fire Engineering consultancy is what we do, not just something we do

Our solutions are design-focused and respond to the architecture.

Consultant of choice for many of Europe's Leading Property Clients

With unrivaled experience and over 6,000 projects across Europe.

Fire engineering is not just about protection design or codes of practice

It is all about developing performance-based solutions that keep people safe.

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Our team can help with building and accessibility regulations compliance, achieving compliance when designing and constructing facilities and sites, and managing the risk of future claims.

Code Compliance Consultancy + Feasibility

Interpreting and applying building and fire safety codes can be a daunting task. With our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape, we help clients navigate code requirements and identify building and fire safety strategies.

External Wall Systems

An external wall system is made up of the outside of a building, including the cladding, insulation and fire break systems.

Fire Engineering Strategy

Our experience and reputation means that the Approving Authorities know that they can rely on our expertise.

Fire Modelling

Much of our fire engineering analysis is supported by use of the most advanced computer modelling programmes.

Fire Safety Review + Assessment

We work with building owners, developers and architects to undertake detailed audits that meet the latest regulations.

Means of Escape Design

Our fire design consultants work to ensure the safe evacuation of occupants from a building during a fire.

Risk Assessment

We use our distinctive scientific and engineering approach to help companies evaluate potential risk, prevent loss, and develop strategies for risk mitigation and business recovery

Structural Fire Safety

Poor structural integrity and insufficient fire safety measures can impact building performance and life safety. We collaborate across key specialty areas, providing problem-solving strategies.

Test + Commissioning

We work with clients throughout the design, inspection, testing and maintenance process to resolve any specific and practical problems associated with fire and life safety systems ensure that they are operating effectively and efficiently.

BCAR Fire Safety Compliance + Certification

Our qualified fire safety engineers can act as Ancillary Certifiers for fire safety and ensure that all work related to fire safety design, including means of escape, potential for fire spread and fire services access, is compliant.