We work with building owners, developers and architects to undertake detailed fire safety audits that meet latest regulations. Our team is involved early in the design process to identify potential compliance issues and develop effective and efficient fire safety solutions that meet design needs. From there, we perform periodic reviews at key design stages to help resolve issues and develop solutions. This approach saves time and cost in design and construction phases.


Most buildings will likely require a fire risk assessment (FRA) to meet fire safety regulations. This assessment provides a clear analysis of the building along with associated fire risks and determines whether additional work is required to bring the building up to an acceptable level of fire safety. Our fire safety engineers will identify and evaluate fire risks and hazards, at-risk occupants and adequacy of fire protection measures while also conducting fire safety documentation reviews and recording fire risk assessment information.

Fire Safety Audits

Fire safety regulations are constantly evolving, and it can be tough to keep up. We work with existing building owners, developers, potential buyers and investors to perform fire safety audits and evaluate any compliance issues before sale or purchase of a building. Our team will identify potential risks and any remedial work required to bring the building into compliance with codes and standards.

Due Diligence Reviews

Regulations require fire safety management (FSM) documents to be revised at specific intervals and updated when activity changes. Through a due diligence review, our fire safety experts can help clients assess their fire risk and safety arrangements to ensure compliance with best practices, standards and legislation. We are able to assist with review and preparation of plans and procedures for fire safety installations, maintenance, evacuation, and training and can help compile all essential documents. If necessary, our team can also update FSM documents if changes are required.

Focus on Fire Safety Audit

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