The Application of Science to Legal Investigation of Incidents

For incidents including fire, escape of water, chemicals, structural or product failure, we apply the scientific method through our expert team of scientists, forensic engineers, and expert investigators to understand in detail the ‘what, why and who’, that permits the pursuit of recovery, validates a legitimate claim, repudiates fraud or allows defense of a liability. As a market leading forensic investigation company, we have a track record of always responding rapidly, delivering conclusive reports, robust evidence and expert testimony. Forensics are a client focused team who are dedicated to understanding your needs. As a trusted partner we go that ‘extra mile’ seeking solutions that can assist and add further value to the inquiry process.

Forensic Investigation Services

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Our team responds rapidly to new instructions and delivers conclusive forensics.


Clear account management structure, with quality checks embedded.


We provide a bespoke business and service model matched perfectly to client needs.

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Civil + Structural Failure

Our world-class team of civil and structural engineers work to determine the root cause of any structural failure.

Contamination + Spills

Environmental forensics is highly complex requiring a multidisciplinary team to determine environment releases.

Escape of Water

Escape of water is the most common and expensive type of claim we’ve seen in recent years and that trend is only increasing.

Expert Witness + Litigation Support

We provide litigation support, expert testimony and scientific analysis for a broad spectrum of cases.

Fire + Explosion

From rapid on-site investigation to evidence examination and testing, we provide comprehensive fire investigation services.

Marine Forensics

We are market leaders in the field of marine forensics with over 40 years’ experience in this specialist area.

Materials Failure Analysis

Our experts determine the cause whether it is a material defect, design flaw, or manufacturing failure.

Mechanical + Electrical

Mechanical and electrical failures often go hand-in-hand and require an integrated approach.

Product Liability Investigations

Extensive experience investigating all types of product failures including computers, motors, appliances and electronics.

Our European Offices

Global reach and local delivery across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Our Forensics Experts

Meet our industry-leading forensic investigators.