Addressing Your Mechanical + Electrical Hazards

Mechanical and electrical failures often go hand-in-hand and require an integrated approach to determine the root cause of failure. Our electrical engineers have a deep understanding of low, medium and high voltage electrical systems, while our mechanical engineering team provide a holistic view of all types of machinery and equipment.

Electrical Assessments

As the backbone of all modern buildings and equipment, it’s crucial to understand why your electrical system failed. Assessing the origin and cause of events involving your electrical system and equipment help you mitigate a future recurrence. We investigate all electrical systems, power quality, grounding systems design and testing, and distribution in residential, commercial and industrial systems—especially those connected to smart technology.

Mechanical + HVAC Evaluation

When your mechanical or HVAC system fails, it can lead to business interruption, insurance claims, and could potentially pose a danger to occupants. Our mechanical failure experts conduct site inspections, testing and rigorous investigation to determine the root cause of any mechanical building failure. We draw on our materials, fire, water, product, engine, and electrical expertise to provide the full picture for every incident.

Heavy Equipment + Machinery Failure

Understanding why your machinery, machine tool guarding, or heavy equipment has failed mitigates interruptions to your business and avoids safety hazards to personnel. Common failure types include fire and explosion, corrosion, malfunction, electrical failure or human error—all of which we’re well-equipped to determine through rigorous investigation and scientific analysis.

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