Identifying defect, flaw or failure

There have been significant advances in durability, resiliency, and efficacy of materials over the years. However, changing environment and manmade conditions can alter a material’s efficacy. Whether there is a material defect, design flaw, or manufacturing failure impacting a material’s performance or expected lifespan, our experts review and analyze the material's entire life cycle to determine the cause of the failure. We can remediate the existing condition, help in developing design solutions and, if necessary, support your insurance or litigation claim.

On-Site Analysis

When components or materials fail, you need accurate analysis to quickly get solutions in place. With deep expertise in testing materials and failure mechanisms, we provide qualitative and quantitative analysis and characterization from material component failure analysis to product liability, repair, and remediation. Our materials science team offers a wide range of analytical and failure investigation services on metals, adhesives, coatings, plastics, cements, plasters, ceramics, and woods.

In-House Laboratory Services

Our state-of-the-art materials labs are equipped to help you evaluate and visualize the behavior of materials and chemicals, including concrete, plastics and elastomers. We have a full complement of testing capabilities to help characterize materials at different states including corrosion, high temperatures, and accelerated aging.

Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Metals and alloys are used in a very wide range of components and applications, exploiting their strength, toughness, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and ductility. At Jensen Hughes, our metallurgists can support the materials failure analysis of metal components as small as copper wires or failed bolts, up to structures as large as vehicles, building frames, or bridges. With support from our materials science and analysis, the forensic investigation of metallic components that have cracked, corroded, or failed allows the identification of the origin and cause of the failure.

Welding Failures

Welded structures such as pressure equipment, piping, chemical processing equipment, bridges, offshore structures, or cranes, can cause significant financial penalties from the costs of shutdown, repair and/or replacement when they fail. Welds are susceptible to a range of material failure mechanisms that are rarely seen in parent metals, meaning that the involvement of a qualified welding engineer for the forensic investigation of welded components is highly desirable. We provide expert analysis of welding quality and material failure mechanisms, both from examination on-site and from subsequent laboratory investigation and interpretation of documentary evidence in cases of weld failures.

Materials Failure Analysis

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