Client-Focused Fire Engineering Strategies to Meet the Design Vision

As fire engineering specialists, fire strategy is at the core of what we do. Ensuring that project solutions are thoroughly considered from all perspectives, our fire engineering strategy input provides safe buildings without compromising the design vision. The combination of strategic thinking and technical expertise is the foundation to the success of our work, and our tireless dedication to providing our clients with the best possible solutions for their building has made us a leader in our field. With our extensive experience and outstanding reputation, clients, contractors and approving authorities know that they can rely on our expertise.

Structural Fire Engineering

Structural fire engineering is essential to ensuring that a building can withstand the thermal load effects of a fire. Utilizing expertise in advanced 3D analysis techniques and structural and materials analysis, our engineers provide evaluation and risk insights to properly assess a structure’s ability to withstand a fire at an elevated temperature and still maintain structural integrity. We provide architecturally suited, design-focused project solutions that ensure the safety of occupants and emergency responders without compromising the client’s vision for the project.


Compartmentation utilizes fire-resistant materials, fire doors, and cavity barriers to divide a structure into “compartments” ultimately limiting the passage of flame and smoke and allowing more time for occupants to evacuate buildings. Through comprehensive, non-destructive fire compartmentation surveys, our team can identify the most suitable fire solutions. We provide reports outlining conditions and adequacy of fire compartmentation measures along with best practice recommendations that align with building compliance requirements and business resilience objectives.

Focus on Fire Engineering Strategy

Fire strategy, in balance with architecture


Clients depend on our depth of consultancy expertise to develop a workable fire strategy.


We lead our market and our clients know that they are working with the best.


We undertake all project work with a commitment to client needs.


Our aim is to find fire engineering solutions that will work in practice.