We've been here since the beginning

Our experts were involved with the development and early application of mass timber criteria years before the International Code Council (ICC) adopted mass timber provisions in 2015. We serve on mass timber university studio panels, consult with wood laboratories and provide education to clients and industry associations to support ever-developing, modern uses for these green building products.


Mass timber is still developing into its full potential for resiliency and design aesthetics. We support the research and discovery of undocumented uses and creative applications. Our experts navigate requirements governing tall wood buildings and develop alternate methods and materials for applications, such as increasing the exposed surface area of mass timber panels, joint protection and other performance-based solutions.


We collaborate with city officials and client stakeholders to address questions and develop strategies that meet the intent of code and local adoption while pushing forward innovation and modern design through custom research and analysis. Our compliance alternates and negotiations have resulted in mass timber used in high-rise buildings, healthcare facilities, residential towers, education and business campuses, and other civic and private developments. Photo Credit: Portland International Airport


For each project we undertake, our goal is to understand the form and function of each structure, desired aesthetics, and code-compliance challenges so we can develop a scientific approach to address fire and life safety needs. We research and develop alternate means, methods, variances, interpretations, and research-backed engineering judgments to support our clients’ design goals.


From master planning and construction documents to all the design team and AHJ meetings in between, we work with clients and stakeholders to achieve applicable fire and life safety design requirements. Our engineers, code experts, and analysts add value to a mass timber project by identifying the best construction type, proving performance, and providing analysis to allow combustible material use in a non-combustible structure.

Mass Timber in Labs & Life Science Buildings