A headshot image of Davide Mercurio

Davide Mercurio


Regional Director, Energy + Utilities

Helsinki - Finland

Davide Mercurio is a Regional Director, Energy + Utilities at Jensen Hughes. He is responsible for the development of the nuclear and hydrogen business in Europe and the Middle East.

Mr. Mercurio has over 20 years of experience in the Nuclear Power Industry in the United States and Europe. He worked at Jensen Hughes as a nuclear consultant in the United States and worked for and at several nuclear utilities in Switzerland.

Mr. Mercurio is an expert in PRA/PSA, PSA applications, risk management, asset management and life extension of nuclear power plants. He has experience in the modeling of nuclear power plant designs and regulations in a number of different safety assessment software and PSA rebuild applications.

He has performed model development, risk management and training in the nuclear industry. He has experience in risk assessment software/techniques including Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) model development and Risk-Informed Applications.

Education / Certifications
  • PhD in Mechanical and Process Engineering, ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA), Warwick Business School, London, UK
  • MS in Nuclear Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan, Milan, Italy
  • BS in Nuclear Engineering, Polytechnic of Milan, Milan, Italy