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When we design fire safety systems, we consider all elements required for protecting people most effectively and ensure that systems are fit for purpose. We advise clients on building and structure designs to make sure fire safety is the priority.


We produce fire safety designs that achieve the safety level required by local authorities and applicable legislative documents. Our approach is to develop a fire safety concept without obstacles to daily use. This is achieved through an intelligent combination of fire safety measures that are cost-efficient and allow a high level of safety.


For distinctive, complex and state-of-the-art building projects, traditional code compliance can often limit design flexibility and hinder the architectural intent. We develop performance-based design solutions that address alternative design methods. We can demonstrate that certain aspects of a project meet or exceed the prescriptive requirements of the code. Each safety design is customised for the best solution.


From smoke and heat extraction systems to evacuation procedures, we take a holistic approach to fire systems design, developing a safety concept for all potential fire scenarios. For one industrial client in their production facility, we mapped out the fire load and planned a performance-oriented smoke extraction system that ensured smoke-free passage for the fire service.


We can offer clients a customised solution for evacuation design, including complex structures. Our advanced modelling helps to develop alternative solutions and determine evacuation times for representative scenarios via dynamic evacuation simulations. We provide an Evacuation Design Report with the results and analysis of these simulations. Videos of the simulations can also be provided to obtain optimal visualisation of the results.