We recognise that the classification, processing and safe handling of hazardous materials in an industrial facility is critical to both personal safety and business continuity. Our experts utilise onsite evaluations, hazard assessments and software solutions to help you create a safe environment and implement mitigation strategies.


Hazardous materials are strictly regulated by safety codes, regulations and standards. We combine deep knowledge of building codes with our comprehensive building, fire and hazardous material analysis services to ensure code compliance, while also helping you meet your design objectives.


Whether they are being used, stored or transported, hazardous materials must be managed properly to maintain the required level of safety and code compliance. Rules that specify the classification criteria of various types of hazards are determined at the European level by regulation 1272/2008. We can help you develop a hazardous materials management plan through inventory statements, mapping of protection systems and coordination with local fire authorities. Where there are gaps between existing conditions and best practice, we can support you in developing prioritized remediation plans.


Particular attention needs to be paid to protective measures and methods of installing electrical equipment in facilities with hazardous materials. We can help ensure that these areas are compliant, safe and designed properly. Where appropriate, we apply advanced techniques to limit the extent of your classified areas.