A headshot image of Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams

BBiotech, IABTI, CFI

Senior Investigator

Areas of Expertise

Water Intrusion
Fire + Explosion Investigation
Wildland Fires
Origin + Cause
Marine Fire Investigation


Gareth is a Senior Investigator with experience in fire and explosion investigations in many different settings. Throughout his career, he has investigated over 500 fires in the UK, Europe, Australia, the Pacific and South East Asia. These have included numerous fatal fires, large commercial fires including a film studio in Hungary, a gas plant in Nigeria, dust and gas explosions, and large high-rise fires in the UAE. Gareth has been part of investigation teams following large criminal bombings in Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Gareth has presented expert evidence in Court in Australia, and the UK on many occasions, including for murder trials, Coroner’s Court matters into fatal fires, criminal arson trials, and civil matters. Gareth has been awarded the Certified Fire Investigator designation from the IAAI and the Certified International Post Blast Investigator designation from IABTI.

Gareth also carries out Escape of Water investigations and manages the Manchester Forensics team.

Education / Certifications
  • Biotechnology (Hons), Flinders University
  • Member, Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences
  • Certified International Post Blast Investigator, Intl. Assoc. of Bomb Technicians and Investigators
  • Certified Fire Investigator, Intl. Assoc. of Arson Investigators
  • Member, United Kingdom Assoc. of Arson Investigators
  • Member, Intl. Assoc. of Bomb Technicians + Investigators