Jensen Hughes Forensic Screen Service

Christopher Shorten

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27 Jun 2024

Loss adjusters and claims handlers are perpetually expected to deliver great claim experiences for policyholders. But the pressure to minimise the settlement cost of the claim and the on-costs of servicing is equally ever-present.

Appointing a forensic investigator to examine a fire, explosion or escape of water scene is a decision often made with commercial considerations in mind. You may ask yourself:

  • Will a forensic investigation add value and move the claim lifecycle forward?
  • Will I run up a significant invoice due to more hours spent on the forensic investigation than I anticipated?
  • Will I get a return on the investment for the investigators’ fee?

We understand these issues and that procurement and supply chain managers like to purchase services with certainty around cost. To that end, Jensen Hughes offers a Forensic Screen service at the most competitive price in the market.

Our Forensic Screen Report delivers:

  • An assessment of the validity of the claim.
  • A Working Hypothesis that is an initial theory or assumption about the origin and cause of a fire or failure.
  • A clear and specific view of the prospects for third-party recovery.
  • Clear recommendations on further work requirements.
  • A view on the presence of insurance fraud indicators.

This fixed-fee service greatly enhances insurer and loss adjuster ability to control their forensics expenditure in their claim management process. Furthermore, any Forensic Screen can be escalated to a full forensic investigation where recovery or repudiation potential exists, or the case complexity or value demands escalation.

How Does It Work?​

The instructing principal appoints Jensen Hughes by email or telephone​. After which, Jensen Hughes will:

  • Undertake a conflict check.
  • Issue a confirmation email to act on behalf​ of the instructing principal.
  • Contact the instructing principal to confirm the attendance date.
  • Attend site with a service commitment to be on site the next working day, but no later than three working days, depending on circumstances beyond our control. ​
  • Provide an update before leaving the site, including recommendations for escalation to a full forensic investigation, where applicable.
  • Issue a Forensic Screen Report within five days from site attendance​.

Value + Benefits​

As one of the most competitively priced in the UK and Ireland forensics markets, Jensen Hughes’ fixed-rate-price Forensic Screen delivers relevant and reliable information to support prompt claim management decisions​. The service offers the benefit of expert opinion and minimises the claim lifecycle, all while reducing overall claims costs.

If a Forensic Screen results in the forensic investigator recommending escalation to a full forensic investigation it will then be charged at hourly rates.. This is subject to providing we are able to contact the instructing principal, preferably whilst still on site, and they authorise the escalation. We will then reset the clock to the time of instruction for the purposes of the full forensic investigation. This maximises opportunities for the identification, recovery and preservation of the evidence required to successfully pursue a recovery or defend a liability claim.

Jensen Hughes’ Forensic Screen is a prompt, highly competitively priced, initial assessment that not only enhances the claim management process but also saves on costs. For more information about the Forensic Screen services, reach out to our teams of experts.