We have extensive coverage across Scotland with offices in Glasgow and Edinburgh. Our fire engineering team is led by Eu Jin Teh. We can assist any clients or project team who are not familiar with the Scottish fire safety code. In addition, we have had an excellent working relationship with various local authorities in Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for over 20 years. We also carry out fire strategy due diligence for buildings locally focused on Scottish Building Regulations.

Our forensic specialists have a strong base in Scotland and is led by Mike Wisekal. They cover the UK and international markets.


Our fire engineering consultancy provides safe buildings without compromising the design vision. We develop performance-based solutions which are both cost-effective and suited to the architecture. The European office offers over 25 years with a well-established focus on service excellence, a team of expert consultants and the desire to go above and beyond to find the best solutions for our clients. With the experience of more than 6,000 projects, Jensen Hughes is Europe’s leading Fire Engineering Consultancy.

Fire Engineering Consultancy


For incidents including fire, escape of water, chemicals, structural or product failure, Jensen Hughes applies the scientific method through our expert team of engineers, scientists and expert investigators. The team works hard to understand the details that permit the pursuit of recovery, validate a legitimate claim, repudiate fraud or defend a liability. As a market-leading forensic investigation company, we have a track record of responding rapidly, delivering conclusive reports, robust evidence and expert testimony.

Forensic Services