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Baker & McKenzie LLP, a multinational law firm, marks a new chapter in London’s financial district with the inauguration of its office at 280 Bishopsgate. Designed to focus on collaboration, client engagement, sustainability, and well-being, the office features dynamic workspaces and an open-plan layout to enhance teamwork and client interactions. It sets a new standard for legal working.

The basebuild redevelopment of 280 Bishopsgate added a rooftop terrace and expanded the usable space on Level 13, while it increasing the top floor height of the building to 52.7 meters. The building operates on a phased evacuation. Baker McKenzie offices take up space on Levels 7 through 12, a ground floor entrance and a portion of Level 13.

Jensen Hughes developed a fire safety strategy for Baker McKenzie’s fitout aspirations. Based on BS 9999: 2017 guidelines, our team of experts developed a fire strategy report to demonstrate compliance with both the Building Regulations and the base-build fire strategy for the building, which was provided by another fire consultancy. Alternative fire-engineered solutions were carried out to support a more efficient, aspirational design in lieu of code compliance while still achieving the requisite safety standard to meet the Building Regulations' functional requirements. A key feature of the design is an expansive open stair spanning between levels 7-11, penetrating through compartment floors.

In addition, our team conducted a Structural Fire Engineering (SFE) analysis on the unprotected non-structural secondary beams adjoining the primary structure in the Baker McKenzie office building. The study focuses on understanding the structural system's behavior when these secondary non-structural steel beams connected to the primary structure are left without protection. The team addressed the concerns raised by the approving authority about whether these secondary steel members could negatively impact the fire performance of the primary structural frame, which was fire-protected using a beam-clad system, possibly due to significant transformations in the secondary structures exposing the primary beams.

In collaboration with various stakeholders, including Baker McKenzie, Savills, and Mace Interiors, we fitted out the offices to meet both fire safety and structural requirements. The office reflects Baker McKenzie's global sustainability goals, incorporating eco-friendly features such as Marmoleum flooring, modular office chairs, renewable electricity sources, and efficient technology. Jensen Hughes is proud to contribute to this team effort.

Project Details


Baker & McKenzie LLP

Project Location

Bishopsgate, London

Project Size

12 Storey Building (Fitout of 8 Storeys)



Featured Experts

Nick Harvey

Managing Director, England, Fire Engineering

BEng (Hons), Fire Engineering, Chartered Engineer, Member

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Mikko Salminen

Structural Fire Engineering Lead, Europe

Tampere - Finland

Ph.D. in Structural Fire Engineering, FISE Designer of Fire Safety (Class PV, Exceptionally demanding), Chairman of the Structural Fire Safety Specialist group in the Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association, Finnish Constructional Steelwork Association, Club member #45

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